The DC NLG Litigation Fund is a non-profit corporation established to provide grants to support public interest litigation that will potentially benefit a large number of people, lead to significant law reform, or raise the public consciousness. Our specific priority areas are human rights, civil rights, and civil liberties, but we will consider proposals in other subject areas. The Fund intends to provide financial support to allow DC NLG members and their colleagues to litigate impact cases that might not otherwise be brought.

The Board of Directors meets twice a year to review preliminary proposals for funding. Before each meeting, the Board will announce a deadline and procedure for submitting preliminary funding proposals. After meeting and discussing the preliminary funding proposals, the Board will select the proposals, if any, that it will further consider and will request more detailed information from the applicant.

The Fund seeks to provide financial assistance to cover out-of-pocket expenses necessary to pursue litigation such as filing fees, depositions, transcripts, and expert fees. In rare cases, the Fund will provide assistance for overhead expenses. Grant recipients will be required to repay the Fund if the litigation is successful and the costs and attorney fees are recovered. Grant recipients will also be encouraged to make an additional contribution to the fund to grow the project.


Contact the Fund at dcnlglitfund@gmail.com


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